Eafred of North Bessex (?931- September 25, 975) was the King of North Bessex from 952 until his death. Historians note him as a "capable military leader" and it was through his skills that his only son, Alfred would go on to unite the Bessexian kingdoms and become the King of England.


Chroniclers note the year of Eafred's birth as 931. He was the son of King Ecbrit of North Bessex and his wife, Offa . He had a younger sister, Alda who went on to become the Abbess of Ashdown. Eafred succeded his father as King upon his death in winter of 952.

Marriage & IssueEdit

Eafred would marry Audoc in 954. They had one son:


Eafred died on September 25, 975. His son, Alfred commemorated Eafladin coins in his honor.