Ealstan III (833-winter 884) was the King of North Bessex from 851 until his death. 


Ealstan was born in 833 to King Ealstan II of North Bessex and his wife, Isote . His father, Ealstan II died when the younger Ealstan was only twelve. Despite the circumstances, Queen Isote had Ealstan crowned immeadiately. As a result, Ealstan was often dubbed with the name "Parva Regem" which meant "small king" in Latin. 

Marriage & IssueEdit

Ealstan married Bryme , a welsh woman in 858. The couple had two children:

  • Ealstan (859-868)
  • Ecbrit (862-902)


Ealstan died in the winter of 884. His second son, Ecbrit succeeded him as King.